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International Animal Rescue Goa was established as a charity (Registration No : 106/GOA/98) in August 1998. Our aim is to reduce the terrible suffering of animals in Goa.

Dog collar showing that the animal has been vacinated by IAR Goa
Dog collar showing that the animal has been vacinated by IAR Goa

Since we began this vital work, International Animal Rescue Goa, has sterilized more than 30,000 dogs, 11,000 cats, and vaccinated over 60,000 dogs against rabies. Our ambulances have collected thousands of road casualties and we have made a major impact on mange, which causes intense suffering and was endemic within the street dog community. We rescue dozens of animals from wells every year, have rescued hundreds of snakes from houses and snake charmers which would otherwise have been killed or died, and do our best to educate the public on animal welfare issues. In 1998 we took legal action, along with People for Animals in Goa, and won an Indian High Court decision making it illegal to shoot stray dogs.

We have modern facilities to house over 100 adult dogs, 50 adult cats, 50 puppies, 50 kittens and 30 cows/bulls at any one time. Our centre in Assagao is one of the best equipped rescue centres in India with a team of top vets. We have both x ray and ultra sound facilities to ensure the correct diagnosis and treatment of injuries. Our vets perform many advanced surgeries including orthopedics and are assisted by a team of highly trained veterinary nurses. A constant supply of animals in need of treatment or sterilization are brought in daily by our four ambulances which are manned by staff trained to catch and handle animals to reduce both suffering and fear as far as possible.

To encourage people to offer homes to animals we provide a year's free veterinary treatment to all animals adopted free of charge from our centre. We also treat large numbers of animals free of cost for people too poor to pay.

Wherever one goes in North Goa you will see dogs with a clip out of the top of their ears which shows the animal has been sterilized and vaccinated against rabies.

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If you see an animal in distress in NORTH GOA, please call us immediately on +91 (0) 832 226 8272 or contact us online and we will try our best to help.

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