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Chairmans Blog - Acid Attack on Dog

1st December 2014 - By John Hicks

I have such amazing staff like Gokul, my Kennel Manager
I have such amazing staff like Gokul, my Kennel Manager

Another week of exhausting work which really brings home to me that I am getting old! I always used to boast that I could work all my staff into the ground but it is fast getting all too clear I can no longer do this and I am truly thankful that I have such amazing staff like Gokul, my Kennel Manager, to fall back on.

This week has seen more suspected rabies cases for us to deal with but the most sickening case is a dog that someone had thrown acid over. We have in the past dealt with numerous cows that have had acid thrown over them to drive them out of the area but thankfully it is rare with dogs. People simply tend to just throw boiling water over dogs and cats which as horrendous as it is still is not as bad as acid. I cannot help wondering how it is that the human race has the gall to consider itself civilized! You will I am sure be pleased to know the poor dog is making a good recovery thanks to the skill of our vets.

Also this week we seem to have had an unusual number of dogs with maggot wounds to deal with. A number of these have been so bad that they were beyond treatment but at least we were able to put an end to their unimaginable suffering. These wounds are almost always caused by dogs fighting which is another important reason for sterilizing both male and female dogs. It is often the presence of a female in season that cause the really bad fights, so the less of these on the streets the better. However, sterilizing the males reduces the urge to chase females and the need to get into fights so this is another important reason for the sterilization of male dogs.

Local Breed Dogs are healthy and strong
Local Breed Dogs are healthy and strong

I have to admit I am not the most tolerant person in the world when it comes to humans but I try! However, when I get people that turn up at the centre, as I have had this week, asking for Pedigree puppies my blood boils! We have dozens of the most gorgeous wonderful puppies one could ever ask for. There is not one I would not wish to take home if it was not for the fact that I have so many animals at my home already. How these stupid people can choose a Pedigree dog over these wonderful creatures is beyond my comprehension. If I had the power I would ban the breeding of Pedigree dogs all together. Most of these dogs are bred by unscrupulous people just wanting to make a fast buck. The conditions many of these dogs live in is disgraceful and they deliberately breed in defects that cause the dogs to suffer throughout their lives. I consider the Kennel Club to be one of the most reprehensible organizations ever to be thought up. None breed dogs are fitter and healthier than these inbred Pedigree dogs and what is more everyone is a unique individual unlike the almost factory produced Pedigrees.

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