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Blog - Amits Introduction

24th December 2014 - By Amit Nagrath

Hello People, my first blog via IAR and what a phenomenal 2 weeks it has been over here for me.

It all started with John offering me a chance to do something more worthwhile in my life and here I was at IAR in the last week of November 2014, shunning away my hedonistic lifestyle which I had so easily adopted to during the first year of my retirement from active corporate duties. And probably another first in my my 25 odd years of working exposure, am doing something what my heart and mind is in...... working for the cause of animals.

Yes, the first couple of days here were actually frightening for me.....the gang of dudes & babes at the center (Raju, Ramu, Peggy, Tina, Custard & more) did not allow me to enter the premises rebuking me with the likes of "who the hell do you think you are, you cannot enter without our permissions, hey buddy we are bosses here, etc.......before one of my colleagues reminded me of the great Indian rope trick (greasing of the palms...LOL) and there I was the next morning loaded with Tiger and Parle biscuits for them. And you bet the rope trick worked, once again. After that day onwards till now, every day, without fail, the dudes and the babes are waiting for my car for their treats. They have even demarcated their own areas for these treats with Peggy, who reminds me so much of my Prince, actually waiting for me to open my car doors and plonking on the back seat to have her treats! Such unbridled joy this scene provides me with.....absolutely incomparable.

Donate to Animal Welfare in Goa
Donate to Animal Welfare in Goa

The past few days have been a revelation of sorts for me with me coming to know of selfless deeds done by some. I wish all of us could replicate the same in some way or the other for these helpless gifts of would make the world such a more liveable place for them. I have also actually seen the cruelty we "evolved creatures" commit on animals. I am sure there is some court of justice somewhere someplace with somebody making notes of these acts so that they can be paid back. I sure hope so.

I am busy getting to know the working system over here, trying to make some alterations which could simplify the working process for one and all, and eliminate the duplication of the job description. There is so much to do people.....And you bet, John is there right behind me, breathing down my neck goading me to do more and more. Such an unassuming boss I bet....he only believes in slavery with a capital S.....LOL.

In all seriousness though, this first blog from me is a salute to John and others who have devoted their entire life to the cause of animal welfare. Take a bow, John!! If I can even achieve 10% of what you have achieved for this cause, I would feel blessed.

Have a merry and a white X-Mas all. Best Wishes for the new year.