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Chairmans Blog - Bag Full Of Tiny Kittens

1st December 2014 - By John Hicks

Kittens often left to die due to people not willing to have their animals Spayed/Neutered
Kittens often left to die due to people not willing to have their animals Spayed/Neutered

Another week vanishes in a blink of an eye leaving me frustrated in that I have so much to do but despite seeming to work every possible waking hour I have made little dent in the pile of work I have outstanding. What is worse is that our new CEO, Amit, seems to think I must be bored with having nothing to do and keeps suggesting I should be doing a whole host of things but certainly sleeping is not one of them! Amit is certainly a new driving force behind the charity and I have every confidence that with his abilities the charity will flourish but I don't think I will! What I need is a week of non-stop sleep.

Two things, apart from Amit, have ensured I have received less sleep than normal. The first of these I think was paid for by my staff. I was knocked down by a car but clearly they should have paid for a more experienced driver as he failed to bump me off and just left me bruised and a little battered. What was far worse was that I failed to catch the poor little kitten that had clearly been dumped out in the wilds with little chance of survival. By the time I recovered from being knocked down there was no sign of the kitten and needless to say the driver drove off as quick as he could leaving me flat on my face in the road. Thankfully I was not badly hurt but was in enough pain to stop me sleeping for a couple of nights.

The other thing that kept waking me up at night was my Nora. Nora is the most wonderful fantastic monkey anyone could ask for although my staff are terrified of her, well certainly whilst I am around. She would defend me with her life and no one is permitted to come anywhere near me when I have her on a lead. To give an example I had someone staying in the house for 3 months whilst my wife and I were in the UK. After I returned he visited us and I was sat with Nora on my lap on a lead. I warned him not to come any closer but his response was that I was being stupid because he had walked Nora everyday for 3 months. I warned him again but he took another step towards us. Nora jumped backwards off my lap doing a full somersault, reached out with her back feet, grabbed his arm pulling it sufficiently towards her that she bit him so badly he went to hospital. That's my girl!

Anyway Nora was not getting on with her female companion and Baldrick had fallen out with his male companions. Knowing that Nora and Baldrick used to enjoy swimming together in our pool when Baldrick was young we thought this might be the perfect match. We divided Nora's pen and put Baldrick next to her. Everything seemed to go amazingly well and they were trying to groom each other through the wire so we let them in together. Again all seemed wonderful, a marriage made in heaven! Sadly this married bliss only lasted 5 days and Baldrick quickly became tired of having a female telling him what to do, so in true monkey fashion he beat the living daylights out of her. My poor Nora received some really horrible bites on her back that needed operating on and was in need of some very special care and attention. She therefore moved into my bedroom and insisted on sleeping on my chest. This may sound wonderful but Nora weighs about 8 kilos and with that weight, her thick fur coat along with the heat in India it is not long before it becomes most uncomfortable. Every time I felt I had to change position Nora made her displeasure known by her groans of despair.

Latest Young Langur After Operation
Latest Young Langur After Operation

A really sickening incident was that someone this week threw a bag full of tiny kittens out on to the road tied to ensure they could not escape. By the time they were found all but one had been killed by passing traffic and the other was so badly injured it died before we could put it out of its misery.

Needless to say we had the usual flood of problems during the week including a number of suspect rabies cases, numerous road accidents involving cats, dogs and cows and a number of dogs with maggot wounds. The Forestry Department also asked us to take another baby monkey that had been savaged by dogs. It was in a sad state but our amazing vets operated and put it on a drip with the most positive results. It is now in a cage beside me as I type this and has settled down, it is eating but still a little nervous which is not surprising.

Well I have little doubt that the coming week will not provide me with the time to sit on a sun bed and relax but at the same time I doubt if I will be bored.

All the best