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Busy Times

21st January 2013 - By John Hicks

Well here I am again having missed last week's blog simply because I was so busy and still not having a laptop, thanks to Nissa our baby Langur monkey, is making life difficult. We sent off for a new hard drive but in typical fashion they sent the wrong one and we have had to send it back.

To give you some idea how busy the previous week was I list here just a few of the cases we dealt with: -

John and Lots of IAR Goa Staff came to help a Buffalo
John and Lots of IAR Goa Staff came to help a Buffalo
27th Oct : Siolim: 1 calf it was lying down, we brought it to centre.

27th Oct : Colvale: 1 dog suspected Rabies brought to centre.

28th Oct : Morjim: 1 dog met with an accident brought to the centre.

28th Oct : Guirim: 1 dog met with an accident brought to the centre.

29th Oct : Verem: 1 bull has bleeding of the horns, we darted it and a government vet is doing the follow up.

30th Oct : Khorlim: Bird was injured brought to the centre.

30th Oct : Sinquerim: 1 cow fallen in a stream and could not get out - rescued.

30th Oct : Candolim: 1 dog fallen in a trench it was sick other dogs were attacking it - brought to the centre.

31st Oct : Candolim: 1 calf lying down injured, brought to the centre.

31st Oct : Badem: 1 dog fallen in the septic tank - brought to the centre.

3oth Oct : Moira and Peddem 2 dogs met with an accident. - brought to the centre.

1st Nov : Sucoor: 1 buffalo lying down was given treatment and brought to centre.

In addition to all this someone came to the centre with a tiny litter of kittens that they had found tied in a carrier bag and thrown along the road side. It was only because this kind person saw something moving in the bag and investigated that they were found otherwise they would have died from heat exhaustion as the bag was in full sun. If the kittens had not died from heat exhaustion they would certainly have died from dehydration which is an even worse death. The kittens were only about 10 days old so could never have survived even if they had managed to get out of the bag. It still amazes me how callous people can be but heaven knows after 42 years in animal welfare I should be used to human ignorance.

Another incidence that sickened me was on my way home one evening I saw someone throw out a young dog with a pup of about 16 weeks out of their car and drive off. The poor creatures ran after the car until they were so exhausted they were in a state of collapse. Sadly I was not able to catch the dogs as they were too terrified and will now probably have a dreadful slow death. Is it any wonder that I prefer animals to humans?

As I was writing this my monkeys started screaming and I dashed down to see what was happening and found a snake had entered one of the cages. Thankfully monkeys are terrified of snakes so there was no real risk to them and anyway it was only a Rock Python. Because the cage the snake was in houses monkeys that are too dangerous to enter, it took me ages to resolve the problem and in the end I had to dig a hole under the compound wire to make an easy escape route for the snake. There never seems to be a dull moment! Posted on November 12, 2014 by Animal Tracks, Goa and tagged monkeys dogs buffalo rock python.