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Chairmans Blog - New Cheif Executive Officer

23rd November 2014 - By John Hicks

We now have a Chief Executive Officer! His name is Amit Nagrath and I have every confidence he is going to drive the charity forward in a way I could never do. He is a skilled administrator and businessman who has taken on the position despite the fact that he could easily obtain a salary many times that which he has been offered. In his interview he said the salary was immaterial, what matters was that he would be given the opportunity to do something for animal welfare that has always been his passion. He was so keen to start that he joined IAR Goa the day after I offered him the position as he had already retired despite the fact that he is only in his 40's.

Certainly I am expecting great things from Amit and once he has settled in I can hand over this job of writing blogs that I am so useless at.

One of the recent rescued puppies waiting for adoption at the centre
One of the recent rescued puppies waiting for adoption at the centre

As is always the case the week has been very busy with dozens of animals being rescued. One of note is that my wife finally caught an adult cat that had been dumped in Mapusa Market a month previously. The poor animal was constantly being attacked by resident cats in the market and as such was not able to get food. With great sadness my wife watched this cat slowly starving to death and despite spending many hours in the market trying to rescue it, the poor creature was always too terrified for her to get near. Sadly the cat finally became so weak and emaciated that my wife managed to catch it. It was in such dreadful condition and had lost the sight in one eye due we think to the starvation that it had to be euthanized. People who dump animals in markets really should be prosecuted and publicly humiliated for causing such appalling suffering.

On a brighter note I was called out to a horse that had escaped from somewhere and was at risk of being hit by vehicles. Thankfully although it had become terrified by the traffic I finally managed to catch it. Whilst I was waiting for the vehicle to take it to the centre the owner arrived and at first was very aggressive because he thought I was trying to steal his horse. However thankfully there was someone there that could speak some English and I managed to explain I was from IAR Goa and had only caught the horse to stop it from being hit on the road. At this the owner became very friendly and thanked me. I gather it had escaped two weeks previously and he had been searching for it. All too often I am horrified at the way animals are looked after but this horse was in amazing condition. Its hooves were neat and tidy, it was perfect weight and clearly despite it being on the loose for two weeks its coat was still silky from being well groomed. It is so nice to be pleasantly surprised for a change!