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Cow, Bull and Buffalo Rescues

Cow With Acid Burn
Cow With Acid Burn
There are a number of reasons why we need to catch these large dangerous animals. On occasions we are called to one that has rabies and is attacking everything it comes across including cars! Needless to say these are highly dangerous situations that can be life threatening in more ways than one. On these occasions we have to send one of our vets out with our dart gun but getting close enough to dart such an animal is one of the most dangerous situations we have to deal with.

Other reasons for needing to catch these potentially dangerous animals can be as a result of an accident or a wound that has become infected with maggots. Often we find animals that have badly overgrown hooves that can hardly walk or that have broken off a horn. One of the worst things we come across is cows that have had acid, boiling water or boiling oil thrown over them. This barbaric act is done to drive the poor creatures away from a house or maybe a field. If we are unable to catch them they will inevitably die a slow lingering death because the dying flesh will attract maggots.