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Monkey Rescues

Monkey Dragged Along by bike
Monkey Dragged Along by bike
This poor monkey was illegally bought as a pet but fell off the motor bike and was dragged along the road resulting in dreadful injuries. Our vets carried out a complicated operation and managed to save the leg. The monkey is now in the care of our Chairman (John Hicks).

These poor creatures can need our help in many ways such as after being hit by a car or electrocuted on power lines. More often than not it is through mans ignorance and cruelty as monkeys are illegally caught and sold as pets. Normally the mother is killed so that the baby can be taken.

After initial treatment at the centre the monkeys are handed over to Primate Trust India which was also founded by John Hicks and his wife Jo. This specialized charity is run from John's home where he has numerous rescued monkeys living in probably the best facilities for primates in India.