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Brownie The Brigadier, A Tattoo and Some Fire Crackers

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Brownie The Brigadier
We animals will never understand the pleasure humans gain from fireworks and crackers, unfortunately some humans do not consider the absolute terror that the explosive celebrations bring to domestic animals and wildlife. Here in Goa we have year round fireworks but recently we've had to endure both Ganesh and Diwali Festivals in quick succession. At this time of the year then again Christmas and New Year Animal Tracks has an influx of extra lost and traumatized animals and also owners searching the kennels looking for their lost pets.

After Ganesh as the fireworks were still smoldering in the streets and countryside a lost dog arrived at the house of an animal lover who has a long association with the International Animal Rescue. Her own dogs had alerted her that there was an intruder at the gate; she found a beautiful green eyed dog that refused to leave despite the protests of her own pack. It seemed as if the dog somehow knew that this person cared and would help him, as indeed she did.

Dogs that are adopted from Animal Tracks are tattooed with an identification number which is kept on file. And this lost boy had one such tattoo, he was brought to Animal Tracks where he could be checked over and identified. Apart from being a little worried and thin he appeared to be in good condition and the tattoo number was checked against the records. The IAR stored documents supplied all the necessary information including the date of adoption way back in 2005, sterilization, vaccination and more importantly in this case the name and details of the owner.

IAR's Abby eagerly made the phone call. A retired gentleman by the name of Brigadier Ian da Costa confirmed that yes he had once owned a large brown dog with soft green eyes but sadly we must be mistaken as his beloved Brownie had been missing for the best part of three years after he'd got frightened and run off during the 2008 Christmas fireworks.

Brigadier da Costa had of course searched relentlessly for his dear friend but had been forced to eventually give up and presume that the dog had somehow died or in military terms was missing in action. But even after all these years and months the Brigadier still grieved for Brownie and always wondered what had become of his best friend. He had only recently destroyed Brownie's adoption papers as he had found them too sad a reminder. He was still doubtful that we had actually found his dog after such a long time, but when the vehicle taking him home pulled up at the Brigadier's house Brownie instantly knew exactly where he was. The best friends were happily reunited with much joyous hugging and tail wagging.

I'm delighted to report this lovely happy ending thanks to IAR's tattooing policy and ironically also thanks to fireworks, as the recent Ganesh crackers had probably caused Brownie to panic and run again, but on this occasion the terror had eventually led him back home. Brigadier da Costa has vowed that from now on Brownie will spend all future festival nights safely indoors. So all you humans around the world please be aware before the seasonal celebrations and ensure that animals are safe whilst fireworks are exploding.