Success Stories

Cages In Mapusa Market

Because of the large number of animals dumped in Mapusa Market Jo Hicks and Angela, one of IARs staff, spend every Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings collecting these poor distressed animals. You simply cannot believe that people can dump puppies and kittens as young as just a few days old in the market, but they do and in considerable numbers.

In order to try and reduce the suffering we have now put three cages in the market, one for dogs, one for puppies and one for cats and kittens. We have also erected signs asking people to get their pets sterilized.

What is rewarding is the amount of cooperation we are getting from people in the market. Time and time again Jo and Angela are stopped and told where there are puppies and kittens that need catching. Even more surprising is the help they receive whilst trying to catch these poor creatures. Very often men will move boxes and rubbish out of the way to enable Jo to get in to a difficult place to catch some frightened animal.

We now even have a kind lady that sells fruit and vegetables in the market who looks after the animals whilst they are in the cages. She ensures they have water and we give her food which she puts in for the animals as required.

This lady has also adopted a number of market cats which we have sterilized and one always finds her with a cat sat on her lap whenever she is in the market.