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The Future Looks Bright For Ted

Ted After A Bit Of TLC
Ted After Love and Care
Ted Before
Ted Before
IAR Goa has setup three drop off cages in the busy market town of Mapusa. The purpose of the cages is to give people a safe place to leave their unwanted animals and consequently alleviate the suffering that would happen to these poor creatures if they were abandoned elsewhere. The IAR team collects the animals and takes them back to the rescue center where everything possible is done to help them. Ted was one such animal left in the cages at Mapusa market. He was sad, and confused and very frightened. He could not understand why he had ended up there and had no idea what would become of him. The IAR Team picked up him and brought him to the Rescue Center. Safely back at the rescue center, he was fed and cared for and all his physical needs were met. But Ted was depressed and lonely despite all the care and attention from the staff and volunteers. As he's not a feral dog, there was no place he could go back to. He had already been sterilized and was probably just some ones no longer wanted pet. The only hope for Ted would be if a new home could be found for him where he could receive the love and affection he needed.

Everyone worked hard to find him a home, we asked all our contacts and showed photographs and at last, a friend of a friend found a lady that was looking for a companion and Ted seemed to be a suitable candidate. Rose came along to IAR to visit, and at first Ted seemed a little wary and must have wondered once more what was going to happen to him. But with much kindness and soft words from Rose, Ted at last began to show signs of happiness and hope appeared on his gorgeous face. They spent some time together and soon the friendship began to form. And then, Rose decided to bring Ted home with her. So as they begin their lives together with all the help and guidance from IAR, Rose can offer Ted the future that he deserves.