Success Stories

Snake Charmers In Anjuna Market

For the first time this season two snake charmers were seen at Anjuna Market. In the past there used to be literally dozens of them but IAR has run a highly successful campaign of confiscating all snakes from these people as thankfully it is strictly against the law. It is a fact that every snake taken by a snake charmer dies a long agonizing slow death of starvation and dehydration and when the snake gets too weak to perform they are just discarded and a new snake caught. Poisonous snakes always have their fangs ripped out so that they are no danger to the snake charmer.

Within minutes of getting the call John Hicks, our Chairman and Founder, left the centre with Savish and Sadesh to hunt down the snake charmers. After about half an hour they were located and 3 snakes were successfully rescued. It was made very clear to the snake charmers that if they were ever seen in Goa again they would be arrested and charged under the wildlife protection act. In reality this would never happen as the authorities are never willing to take action but the snake charmers did not know that.

The snakes were taken to the centre and checked over by our vets and thankfully they had all been newly caught and were in good condition which meant they were fit enough to be released immediately back into the wild.