International Animal Rescue, Goa

Stories from Animal Tracks

Chairmans & CEO's Blog

John the founder of International Animal Rescue continues to try and find the time to let the supporters know what is going on in Goa with Animal Tracks, the center based in Assagao and his animal welfare activities. Amit will also publish the ongoing work at Animal Tracks

Olive's Blog and Diary

Olives Blog

Woof! I'm Olive Oyl and I live at Animal Tracks, the IAR centre in Goa. I meet and greet everyone who comes through the gate. I still can't believe my luck - I was down and out on the streets, but IAR rescued me in the nick of time. Now I’m a real VIP - a Very Important Pooch with her own blog to tell you how it is with us in Goa. Life is great, and thanks to International Animal Rescue and its supporters I'm here to tell the tale!

Success Stories

Our dedicated staff provide vital care and support to hundreds of animals each week, here are just a few of the success stories that are part of our daily lives.


Here are just a few examples of the rescues we do each and every week around Goa.