International Animal Rescue, Goa

Needs List

If you are able, or prefer to donate things in kind then please look at the list below for an idea of the things that we find useful. As well as the list below anything to help with keeping the animals healthy, clean and fed would also be ideal to ensure we have the items to help as many animals as possible.

Current 'Needs' at Animal Tracks, Assagao

Vet wrap bandages

Cling bandages

Digital Thermometers

Stethoscope (Preferably Littman)

Cutting edge & round - bodied needles - Straight cutting, 1/4 circle, 1/2 circle, half curved reverse cutting, 3/8th circle reverse cutting & Taper point

Dog muzzles - plastic

Dog & Cat Elizabethan Collars

Dry Dog / Cat Food

OLD Newspapers for lining cages

Straw for the Cows

Obviously we are also delighted to receive financial donations which can be spent on your behalf.